Column store indexing - making queries run faster?

I am obviously pretty new to SQL.  I have a table that is quite large and growing rapidly and I will need to index it so that the queries move faster. I was reading a little bit on column store indexing. Is column store indexing what I will need to implement order to make these queries go faster?  I may be totally off so any direction I can get would be helpful. My main goal is to make the queries run faster.
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PadawanDBAConnect With a Mentor Operational DBACommented:
Column store indexes are, in my humble opinion, a way to avoid costly and restrictive pre-aggregations in data warehouse scenarios.  Primary use is in data warehousing scenarios.  Some of the benefits for columnstore indexes are that it only reads the columns that are absolutely necessary for query execution (decreasing memory footprint), the columns are heavily compressed, and the index key of 900bytes does not apply here.  The number one drawback for them is that you cannot update/insert into a table that has a columnstore on it.  There are a few workarounds for it:

drop the columnstore, insert the data, and recreate the columnstore index (this can be extremely costly/time intensive if there is a lot of data)
partition the table in question, insert the data into a partitioned staging table, create the exact same columnstore index on the staging table, and move the partition into the destination table

Hope that helps!
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