Refreshing Access with new fields created in SharePoint

I created a small Blank Web Database in Access and exported it to SharePoint.

The data links fine - new entries added in SharePoint show up in my Access database and vice versa.

But I then went into SharePoint and added a new field to one of the tables. How do I get this new field to show in Access?

Thanks in advance!

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Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:
<How do I get this new field to show in Access?>
AFAIK, you don't...

The design flow is from Access-->Sharepoint, ...not the other way around.
(It may be possible, ...though..)

The standard way to do this, is to add the field in Access, then send it back out to SharePoint...

...or else you have to manually add the new field to Access.

I am no expert on Sharepoint directly, lets see what other experts might post...

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