Movies are choppy / lagging in iPad retina : will it be better on Android Galaxy Note / Mega?

When I watch movies or on my iPad retina
using puffin browser, the videos (esp those fast action ones) are rather
chopping & often the video lags behind the sound.

Is this due to my iPad retina's processor too slow or not
enough RAM or what's the reason?  My kid told me on her
iPhone 5 (not 5S, not 5C), it's just as slow.

Anyone has watched those movies in Galaxy Note 3 or
Mega?  Similar issue?  Or is Android a more efficient OS
for watching movies ?

Using my 32  bit Thinkpad (with 2MB RAM), those same
videos are not so bad & using Macbook Pro (retina with
8GB RAM) is perfect (don't see any lag/choppiness at all).

But I plan to switch to lower battery power consumption
devices as the laptops/Macbook ran out of battery very
fast when watching movies.

On my X61 Thinkpad, the processor utilization is about
70-95% utilized when watching videos from those sites
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Those movies are Flash movies.  You have to use the Puffin browser as it supports Flash.  The iPad and iPhone do not natively support Flash so you have to use an app, in this case the Puffin browser, to support Flash.  The iPad and the iPhone are also lacking in grunt so this all adds up to a slow experience when you watch Flash.

So it is a mixture of factors for the slowness, the processor, the non-native support (Steve Jobs did not want Flash on his devices), and the fact that Flash support comes from the browser.

Will the Android Galaxy with the Mega browser be better?  Probably much the same I suspect.  The same factors that applied to the iPad and iPhone also apply here.  Processor, non-native support for Flash and you require a browser for Flash support.

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Is this correct>Using my 32  bit Thinkpad (with 2MB RAM), <doesn't sound feasible at all as no windows could run on 2 mb ram .
It could be not enough ram on this Lenova.
•512 MB, 1GB, or 2GB memory ?
Detailed specifications - ThinkPad X61, X61s

from detailed specks above it is running either Vista or windows xp,
So it's either ram or the battery as well, can you use just the AC?
which browser do you use here?
Is your Adobe up to date?
If it helps try installing the codec ffdshow, xp was notorious with missing codecs
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
It's a typo, I meant my X61 has 2GB RAM.

Haven't got my answer yet
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Oops, missed DBrunton's reply which answered my answers partially.

Don't think it's due to non-native Flash support (ie Flash player supported
by browser): reason is on my kid's Macbook Pro, flash also not supported,
right?  However on the MBP, the video / movies rendering is very smooth,
no lags nor choppiness.  Certainly the MBP retina is a very high-end PC
of 64 bit.

Anyone tried viewing those movies on iPhone 5S yet?  5S is 64bit, so
wondering if it's much better?  On iPhone 5 (ie the 1st version of iPhone 5),
it's also laggy & choppy
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