Cannot make design change to 8.5 database - says master copy in different design template db but it is not

I have a database that only gets updated periodically. I have updated it before with no problem. However, recently when I try to make a design change to a form, I get a message telling me "If you make changes to this form, they may be lost because the master copy of this form is in a different design template database; see Design\Design properties - Design' and 'File\Database\Properties - Design' for more info.
When I go to that section, on the Design tab, there is a checkbox for "Inherit design from master template" but it is not checked. Same thing for "Database file is a master template".
How can I get my changes to "take"? I don't know what has changed and I am the only person updating this database.  Thanks
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ThomasMcA2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
A design object (forms, views, etc.) can inherit from a different template than the database itself.

To see which design documents inherit from a different database, look at the "inherit" icon in the Designer - it's the column with the 2 blue overlapping boxes. A checkmark in that column means the design object inherits from a template.

To change that "inherit" property, right-click on the form name in Designer, then select Properties. In R6 & R7, the setting is on the 3rd tab.
davidweekleyhomesAuthor Commented:
You are a GENIUS!  I did see the 2 overlapping boxes and when I went into properties, this time I saw the design tab on properties. Before, I was in the form itself and clicked on design then properties but they were not the same properties as the one I just got to when I went to the forms list. I then changed it and now I can open the form without that message. I have no idea how that got changed but yea!!!  You rock.
davidweekleyhomesAuthor Commented:
Fast and to the point!
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