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I am a novice to Backup Exec (2012) and have agreed to set up a simple single server backup on a windows 2008 R2 file server. The file server is not running any applications and is used for data storage only.
My question is to do with the strategy to use in conjunction with removable disks, Dell supplied RD1000 with 3 x 500 GB plug-in disks.
I wish to rotate the 3 disks on a weekly basis having one kept off site at all times, one on-line and the other in the company safe.
I am intending to use 3 backup jobs, one for each disk and schedule each job to run on a weekly basis. that is to say, job1 on week 1, job 2 on week 2, job 3 on week 3, job 1 on week 4 and so on.
Each job will start with a full backup on Monday which overwrites the existing full backup and any incremental backups on the disk. For the rest of the week, a daily incremental backup will be scheduled each day (Tuesday .. Sunday)
Can Backup Exec be configured so as to overwrite the existing full backup and incremental backups on the Monday ? Must the 3 disks be part of a media set ?

I realise that this is not a conventional approach but the proprietor will not purchase any more that 3 disks.
Roger AlcindorAsked:
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Backup Exec will create the files on the disk as "Media" anyway, so you must get around the idea that media sets will be used and each backup will be spread across multiple "media" (files) within the media set.  Thankfully, the media sets are configured with optional overwrite protection and optional append protection.  For this scenario, configure the media set(s) [one or three - doesn't really matter as BE will track each media file separately] for overwrite protection of 14 days (a little less is a wise precaution, from experience: a hiccup on Friday could overrun for the weekend leaving the media protected on the next Friday) and append protection of 0 (none).  In this scenario, by the time the external drive is used in the cycle, its contained media will have no overwrite protection and will be simply overwritten by the full backup.

Note that three separate backups is not required, if they are identical.  Create your three Backup-to-disc devices in Backup Exec and then configure a Device Pool which utilises all three devices.  Your backup job need only be configured to use the Device Pool once and you have one backup routine to change when the time comes to be changed.  An another advantage to this is that if a device fails or is replaced, the new device need only be added to the device pool and will be immediately included in the backup when seen.

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Roger AlcindorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you comments, I will be working on this tomorrow and will provide some feedback then.
Roger AlcindorAuthor Commented:
I am using a Dell RD1000 removable disk drive with 3 plug-in disks.
Backup Exec recognises the device as a single disk cartridge device and I don't seem to need or be able to configure individual disk cartridges.
I have created a media set for the backup job so that I can configure the overwrite protection time and append time although when I look at the online Disk cartridge media properties (Details), the media label for the cartridge in the drive is referred to as FLDR000002 with overwrite protection as "Infinite - Do not overwrite" despite the fact that I have made two backups on the disk. There seems to be nowhere that individual cartridges can be configured or added to a media set except by specifying a media set in a backup job which has been configured for a particular overwrite period and it is not clear if this is working or not. both backups ran ok but looking at the files in the disk cartridge, there is only one bkf file which would suggest that the first backup has been overwritten.
I only have one removable disk drive and cannot add individual disk cartridges to a device pool as it would appear that there is only one device; that being the removable disk drive and not the individual disk cartridges.
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