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I will working on a project to migrate existing content from a sharepoint site, into a new sharepoint installation. The old sites will not be exported, only the data within the sites. I have no idea what the existing deployment looks like

I have been tasked with coming up with a questionnaire for some initial requirement gathering. Once we know what it is that they are looking for we will then determine whether to bring in a consultant for the migration. For a plain out of the box sharepoint site, I can do that. If it is customized, then we will need to bring someone in.

What would be some good questions to ask to help figure out how customized their current environment is, and to gather the requirements for the new deployment?
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colly92002Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Are there any custom solutions/features?  - you can check this in central admin
Are there any custom web parts? (as above)
Any external content types? (again you can check in central admin)
Any customisations done outside of the solution/feature architechture, i.e. customisations done directly on a site using Sharepoint designer?  This includes things such as CSS branding, javascript/jQuery, even content editor web part that involve code.
FastFngrzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would get (2007 version) or (2010 version and some help :)  

and use it to create documentation of the existing farm.

However, there's nothing like a pilot upgrade to find out the issues beforehand.

Have you determined what 3rd party tool you'll use? (the MS database-attach method will bring over sites as well as content and not satisfy your requirements)
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