Fix Copied Public Folder Meeting Invite Users between domains on Exchange 2010

I migrated an Exchange 2007 mail server to a new Exchange 2010 server on a new domain. The mailboxes are all working well, however there is a Public Folder calendar that I'm having issues with. All of the meeting invites have copy listed in front of the name (a minor annoyance).

The real issue is that it doesn't resolve the users on the old domain to the same users on the new domain. This means when somebody updates an entry it doesn't send the update to the attendees.

I have been messing with this and trying to figure out if I can use MFCMAPI to resolve this issue but I am not having any luck. They have been using the calendar and making updates to these entries and those updates cannot be lost. Any ideas on how to resolve this?
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AlexProfiletAuthor Commented:
As a note, I have discovered using MFCMAPI I can export from their old server then import into their new one but then I'd have to manually update all the ones they have changed. While doable this requires a lot of work as they have made many updates during this time. I'm wondering if there is a better way to merge the changes.
AlexProfiletAuthor Commented:
I ended up having to do this manually. I couldn't find a way to export all items in a folder to a format that could be imported. I ended up using the move option on the folder from the old Exchange server to a PST rather than the export option. This prevented COPY from being added and breaking the meeting updates. I then attached the PST and used the move command to move the messages into the public folder. From there I used Outlook search to move all modified entries since the migration to the new public folder and then moved the old public folder to a PST file for safe keeping.

I then manually combined the copy records that were modified with the old ones so the meeting was no longer broken. After that I had to add X500 email addresses that referred to their old Exchange account /O=Domain... etc. (varied by user depending on if they were created in Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007) which fixed the ability to do updates that reached the users to update their personal calendars.

Moral of the story: Don't use export/import on meeting calendar entries.

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