How to configure PC's that are connected to the router if my provider using VPN to get access to the Internet?

I am going to change my provider. The new one is uses the VPN L2TP to enter the Internet. I have router that I want to use as gate to Internet. Some PC's will have wire connections to router while the others will be connected via Wi-Fi. That router has L2TP feature on it board. Provider indicates on a site that the computers should have VPN L2TP connections configured on client computer when one is connects to the router through the LAN-cable and force us to use created VPN connections to connect PC's to the Internet. But that is a common case. But I have a router with built-in L2TP! Does it means that I may not create that VPN connections on PC’s, plug any computer to the LAN port on a router and stay connected to the Internet constantly when VPN L2TP is up and running on my router? Or I still should run those created VPN L2TP and have them working in-parallel with L2TP on a router instead of simply plug the cable to the LAN port from the computer and have a fun? Should I create those VPN connections on the computers that are connected to the router via wireless adapters?
And still another more specific question (please don't beat me hard! :) ) :
I didn't want to post it as standalone new question:
L2TP on my router-BandLuxe R100 is for Israel only as written in Help section of the web-interface of the router. Does it means that I can't connect to the Internet if I live in Russia?

Please pour some light on my problem and TIA!
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Dirk MareSystems Engineer (Acting IT Manager)Commented:
I would recommend setting everything up like your new service provider suggests.. Then after everything is up and running I would start to play around with the routers l2tp VPN to see if you can get that working. Just remember to setup the routes and NAT correctly on your router so that all devices behind your router can function correctly.

Your router is it an ADSL router.. Normally ADSL routers can work in most countries just check what kind of ADSL modulation and ADSL type(ADSL, ADSL 2+) is supported on the router and if that matches to Russia..


I see the the router you are talking about is a cellular device.. It should work I don't see any band listed..
Dirk MareSystems Engineer (Acting IT Manager)Commented:
Link to router..

Your ISP will probably supply you with a sim and 3G dongle to use with your router
dmitrij75Author Commented:
My ISP is not a cellular. I just have such a router that I want to use. ISP provides customers with usual UTP cable and it should be connected to WAN port of my router. One guy has called me this morning and said that is not needed to create VPN connections on computers when VPN on a router is up. He is already connected to that provider.
Now I wish to know if I can establish L2TP on my router. As written in help (see attached PDF), L2TP-for Israel only.

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dmitrij75Author Commented:
One guy has called me this morning and said that is not needed to create VPN connections on computers when VPN on a router is up!
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