win 8 partitions

i just got a new win 8 computer. the HD has 4 partitions:
-recovery partition       400 MB
-efi system partition       300 MB
-recovery partition       24  GB
-C:boot,page,dump,primary 441 GB
they are all primary, simple, basic

i would like to shrink C: to 100 GB
and have a Data partition of 341 GB
but i understand you can only have 4 partitions.
what can i do?
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That used to be the case with MBR disks. But new Windows 8 PC's, if the 64bit version of the OS is installed, will be using  GPT disks, and when using that you can have more than 4 primary partitions (you won't even have the option to create extended partitions and logical partitions within those).

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alk444Author Commented:
so, are you saying i can use a tool such as MiniTool Partition Wizard 8.1.1, [which i have used on several winXP and win7] to shrink C: and create a 5th partition?
You can use 3rd party tools, but you should be able achieve this task directly through the Windows disk manager.
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i always use Bootit-BM - free for this task
download it, and make the CD - then boot from it
do NOT install it on the disk -hit cancel
select partition work -  and the partition you want to resize
click resize
now make anew partition on the free space

that's it
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
I'm a bit fan of Boot-It BM as well;  but it will NOT work with Windows 8's Secure Boot (which is a Microsoft-required feature on all OEM installs)

In this case, you should be able to do what you want by simply using Disk Management, as noted above.   However, Windows may not allow as much of a "shrink" as you'd like -- try it and see how much it will let you shrink the partition [the less you've used the PC, the more it will likely allow].
Even on PC's with secure boot you can use bootit-BM. You will just have to disable the secure boot for doing that task.
alk444Author Commented:
ok, i looked at windows disk management and it says:
total size before shrink             451535 MB
size of available shrink space       223509
enter the amount of space to shrink  223509
total size after shrink              228206  

apparently the maximum shrink is limited by some unmovable files.
the total space used on the C: partition is ~40 GB.

i ran defrag and optimize, but no help.

is there some way to move the 'unmovable' files?
use Bootit -BM as suggested
alk444Author Commented:
how do i disable secure boot?

if i have to disable secure boot in order to use Bootit -BM, can it be re-enabled later?
It is disabled in the BIOS, and yes, after you have done what the job you can enable it again. But how it is disabled depends on your hardware. As far as I know you usually do that from within Windows 8.
alk444Author Commented:
after creating an acer recovery drive,
i wound up using Partition Wizard Home Edition 8.1.1.
it did the job without disabling secure boot.
msinfo32 says secure boot is still on.
I assume the utility you used is a tool installed within windows. In those situations you don't have to disable secure-boot. It only needs to be disabled when you boot directly to the utility, as secure-boot doesn't allow you to boot anything that isn't authorized by secure-boot. Bootit-BM is a tool you boot directly from CD or floppy and isn't installed within windows.
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