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when I open a word document. I receive a message that I need to OK in order to continue opening a document. It's not inhibiting my work; just a nuisance really. And I was wondering if you might be able to instruct me as to how I can go about stopping it from occurring? I've attached a screen shot below.
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According to the Microsoft site your user has a template with a macro that opens a dialog box.  See the link below for resolution.

Good luck.
For the sake of future searchers, the message is:
"The command cannot be performed because a dialog box is open. Click OK, and then close open dialog boxes."

Presumably the user can't actually see one.

This is usually caused by something which runs automatically  when Word starts. It could be a user-written macro or an add-in.  

The Microsoft link that bill1965 has posted above shows how to eliminate the problem if it is in a global template in the Word startup folder.

If that doesn't work, try renaming the Normal template while Word in not running. The will force Word to create a new default one when it is next run.

Otherwise see if there are any add-ins that can be removed or disabled. Norton AntiVirus has been know to cause this error as well.

Finally there is some troubleshooting advice from Microsoft here:

For post-2003 installations, there is an automatic Fix-it. Otherwise there are manual steps some of which have not already been indicated. Significantly there is advice on deleting/renaming a couple of registry keys.

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fcekAuthor Commented:
Problem was Norton Anti Virus.

I like it as a program as Ive made so much money uninstalling it, I uninstall it everywhere I go.
fcekAuthor Commented:
Problem was Nortons.  Uninstalled and prob went away.
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