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Saving on a switched off computer

- I have 4 computers
- Computer 1,2, and 3 has win 7
- Computer 4 has Win XP
- Computer 2,3, and 4 can see drive (D:) on Computer 1 as mapped drive (X:)
- So if you open MyComputer on each of computers 2,3, and 4 you will see it's local drive (C:) and drive (x:) which is drive (D:) on computer 1.
- I shutdown Computer 1
- On computer 4 I can not see drive (x:)
- On computer 2 and 3 I can see drive (x:)!!!!!
- I can create files, folders, and save on drive (x:)!!!!
- When I start Computer 1 again, files that were created can not be seen for a minute, after that they came!!!!!!!

Is there a win7 buffer or any thing that is related? and how can I stop it?
2 Solutions
Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:

My best guess would be 'offline availabillity' for shared folders on 2 and 3.
Read all about it here.
Hi Saljas,

I suggest the same solution that Patrick has suggested. At the same time you could also confirm if the offline availability is configured in the on the desktop where the shared folder was Created.  Right click the shared folder, click on properties, click sharing, click advanced sharing, and click on caching. Check which option is selected. If the 3 rd option is selected (All files and programs) then offline availability or caching is enabled on the shared folder and the settings is passed on to the computers where the shared drive is mapped.

So even if either of the computers are disconnected from the network, the computers on which folders are mapped will be accessible locally, where cache memory plays the trick. What ever files or folders you create will be saved on the local HDD and later on when you connect the systems back to the network, it will automatically copy the files to the source shared folder.

Now about the XP OS, the mapped drives should appear, even though disconnected. just for confirmation, trying disconnecting your mapped drive from XP, and reconnect the mapped drive and make sure, "Reconnect at logon is checked". now restart the XP system, logon and go to my computer and check if the mapped drive is visible or not. i believe it should appear.

Hope this helps.

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