DSL versus Diginet

Hi Guys,

We've recently installed Diginet from Telkom SA for a client, who used to be on DSL.  Their DSL was very intermittent, and they are 100% satisfied with the new 2Mb Diginet line.

Diginet is very expensive, especially a 2Mb service.

We have another client on DSL with very intermittent internet service.  At times it goes so slow its impossible to even download emails.

Diginet seems to be the obvious choice, however, their budget only allows for 1Mb diginet.

I'd like some advice, as I am not sure what actual performance they willl get on a 1Mb diginet line.

I've noticed on the 2Mb diginet that the actual download speeds at times are little slower than proper DSL, but at least it is stable and constant.

Will appreciate some additional ideas,
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAsked:
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Kent DyerIT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
If it is only for e-mail transfer, then 1 MB should be fine only gotcha is that if there are delays,  

However, if your customer wants to transmit large files via e-mai or uploading videos, real estate walk throughs, then you are going to want to go with the faster speeds.
It's an aDSL or a vDSL?
Real bandwidth speed?
Which is the reason that the DSL line drops? too many sessions-connections? ISP error?
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAuthor Commented:
They currently have two ADSL lines
4Mb lines, but with speed test we get anything between 700k - 3.7Mb
The line drops because of the fixed line operator (TELKOM)
As long as the line works, Telkom does not take any responsibility, even if it drops to 700k.

Alternating between the lines works most of the time.
Thus if the one line drops to 700k, we connect the same router to the secondary line, which is then producing over 3Mb (some of the time), but not all the time and visa/versa.

I believe diginet is the answer, but not sure what physical download / upload speeds we can expect over a 1Mb Diginet connection?
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Do you have the ability from TELKOM to upgrade your ADSL to a higher speed or to an VDSL?
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAuthor Commented:
It is currently on 4Mb, and the maximum line speed with Telkom is 10Mb.
However, Telkom advised that we should not upgrade the line to 10Mb, as the copper quality of the line is not up to standard, and could result in more downtime ...

Will have to find out from Telkom about vDSL.
If TELKOM advised that, this is the reason that the line drops to 700k very often.
The network infastructure is poor or your office is far from TELKOM's distributional spot

-Check for vdsl
-Check other ISP's further than TELKOM for adsl and vdsl lines
-Diginet is good but expensive

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vDSL is only viable if"distribution point" is in a basement of huge buildings

for aDSL problems you needto bugger your provider (check smokeping and netalyzr to get reasonable reports) so they bugger wire provider to run cable cut test on your line.
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