windows 2003 wireless advice

hi i am running a windows 2003 domain and will be upgrading to win 2008 later or mayb 2012 but for the time being i would like to setup a wireless connection on my server and wanted to know if anyone had any advice on which one i could buy ?

ive never set this up before but would like to know how although yes i have wireless via my laptop win 7 but never actually done it this way before.

i am looking on the most obvious sites but not sure what to pick
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Do you have an existing wireless AP in place? If yes, is the AP connected to W2K3 server?

What's the point to add wireless connection to the server?

However, nowadays adding wireless connection to a computer should not be an issue, a lot of options available from PCI based adapters for desktop computers to USB based adapters for laptop computers.
mikey250Author Commented:
no i have nothing!

just thought i would have a go on how to do it and maybe make use of it maybe for some visitors who wish to connect to the internet maybe.

i am not sure if i would be able to buy a physical wireless card that plugs into my pci slot


maybe an ethernet cable from my server plugging into some access point which has the wireless built in or something.

im on ebay looking so i can physically view one so i know what i am looking at and what is required but cant make sense of what i require specific to my windows 2003 intel machines.
Hi Mickey,

If you plan to provide internet connectivity for outside visitors in your office, i suggest you purchase a wireless access point and place in the center of the office or the location where you require the most. A cable has to be pulled from the ISP (Internet service provider) modem to the location where you are placing the access point. plug in the cable directly to the ISP modem and the other end to the access point.

A linksys wireless access point would be sufficient, make sure the modem are capable of a/b/g/n protocols, these protocols advise the distance and security modes the wireless signal will be configured, most new Wireless AP's are coming with these protocols. Log in to the wireless AP with the default username and password given by the vendor, details will be available inside the box for basic setup. And make sure you assign a SSID (name for your AP) and a password with encryption. This will secure your AP from unauthorized access. Once this is done, you should be able to see the wireless name in your laptop or phone and connect it by giving the password. Now your outside visitors will have access to the Internet only.

In-case if you want your staffs to connect your network via wireless to access network resource such as servers and printers, perform the same steps above, in this case i believe you have a switch which is present in your network where all the systems are connected. connect one end of the cable to the switch and other to the wireless AP. This should get your work done. You can also connect outside visitors to your network. In this case, they will have access to the internet, but will not have access to your servers, unless you provide them with a domain username and password. Network Printer drivers needs to be installed manually if they need to print.

My suggestion is to place a wireless AP than connecting network card to your server. Connecting wireless network cards to server is not recommended. And cable connection is always stable and efficient than wireless connection.

Hope this helps.


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mikey250Author Commented:
hi rak84, ok thanks for that advice!!
mikey250Author Commented:
due to the in depth comments received back for my question i believe it made sense to allocate all points to this expert is this specific case!

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