Cisco router 2901 amber alarm always on

Router amber light onI have a cisco 2901 router amber light is on all the times once its powered on with the cables plugged in or without the cables but the router still not working correctly.

Here's what I have troubleshooted:

1. I have tested the smart Jack by using a loop  back plug and it turned green from red.

2. I have tested from the circuit ID ( biscuit Jack) to the smart Jack and it passed using a loop back plug.

3. I have tested the router by plugging the loop back plug in to the ethwic card T1 port csu/dsu on the router and it turned green but the amber or alarm is still on .

4. I have copied the old configurations from the old cisco router 2901 and paste it into the new router using hyper terminal but the new router still having (al) alarm on.

I have attempted and exhausted every method to figure out why the alarm is always on but no avail. I can only think either hardware or software might be the problem with the new router but not sure.

 I have ordered a brand new cisco router 2901 and it will be here this coming Monday and hopefully someone can share some advice.

Business down and I need some answers quickly...........anxiously waiting. Thank you.
Ross AbedrabboField Tech EngineerAsked:
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A few initial questions.

What ios is running?

What happens when you do show controllers t1?

 If you do not see any alarms, then the local hardware is probably in good condition. In that case, complete the following steps:

Check the cabling. Ensure that the cable between the interface port and the T1 Service Provider's equipment or T1 terminal equipment is connected correctly. Ensure the cable is connected to the correct ports. Correct the cable connections if necessary.

Check the cable integrity by looking for breaks or other physical abnormalities in the cable. Ensure the pinouts are set correctly. Replace the cable if necessary.

Check the settings at the remote end and verify that they match your port settings.

If the problem persists, contact your service provider.
Ross AbedrabboField Tech EngineerAuthor Commented:
My biggest issue why the old and new router that I have both shows alarm once they are powered on?

Shouldn't the router have no alarms once turned on and no cables connected?
Sandeep GuptaConsultantCommented:
for T1 lines, if there is signalling issue you will get suggested contact your provider?

or provide your OLD and new configurations with IOS you are using..old and new?

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You have tested the port with a loopback.

So it sounds like a signalling issue.
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