Removing WSUS role

I just took over a server that had WSUS setup, but no computers registered to it so it wasn't applying updates.  

There is tons of patching that needs done.

I do not want to fix WSUS.  I want to remove it and use the Patch Management module in my Management software.

Two Questions:
First, If I remove the GPO that the previous IT put in place to try and get WSUS running, will windows updates revert back to defaults?  or will I need to manually reset Windows updates on all of the machines?

If I remove the WSUS role, does anyone know if it will require a reboot of the server?
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Emmanuel AdebayoConnect With a Mentor Global Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:
As well as removing the GPO, you will need to check that "Remove links and access to Windows Update" was not enabled.

If this setting is enabled, Automatic Updates receives updates from the WSUS server. Users who have this policy set cannot get updates from a Windows Update Web site.

Also after Removing the GPO, you must reboot all clients or run gpupdate /f

To check remove links and access to Windows Update
In Group Policy Object Editor, expand User Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, and then click Start Menu and Taskbar.

In the details pane, click Remove links and access to Windows Update, and set the option.

Click OK.

Yes reboot is necessary
Donald StewartConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
If I remove the WSUS role, does anyone know if it will require a reboot of the server? "

No!!! I have never had to reboot either installing or uninstalling WSUS on a server.
pmitllcAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.

Server did not need to be rebooted.
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