Can I use HTML to generate user data collection forms?

I program in many languages, but I'm not an IOS developer, but I am writing specs for a new application. Here is the question:

Can I develope a disconnected (no wi-fi) IOS app to use a supplied HTML file as a form for user data entry and collection?

Here is more detail. We're writing an app that uses many different and lengthy questionnaires, with pull-downs, radio buttons, and text fields. Instead of coding each form into its own app, can we generate an HTML file that will render on the IOS device, and store the results? Again, the IOS device mostly runs off-line.

I appreciate the help.
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pgnatyukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you can use HTML.
In iOS SDK there is a special GUI control named UIWebview that shows an HTML text. This text can be loaded from a file or from an URL. This HTML text may include images, java script, etc.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
To build a HTML based iOS app and store the results on the iDevice you'll need to use the development tools for data management (CoreData - SQLite)
Read more here -
There is plenty of online documentation about CoreData on iOS

The Safari browser on iOS also has a very limited ability to store small amounts of data in its own cache between sessions which is an option if you're keeping a small data store.
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