Time required for space shuttle to circle earth ?

If the average speed of an orbiting space shuttle is 27800 km/h, determine the time required for it to circle Earth.  Assume that the shuttle is orbiting about 320.0 km  above Earth's surface, and the Earth's radius is 6380 km.

This is high school physics question.

I used average velocity formula to solve this problem.  I used radius to find circumference.  My answer is 1.44 hours.  Answer in the back of book is 1.51 hours

I didn't use 320 km information provided.

Did I solve this problem correctly ?
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naseeamAuthor Commented:
This chapter is about straight line motion.  Why are they giving problems about circle motion ?
No. 320 Km is a vital piece of information. Add it to the radius of the earth and calculate the orbital distance. Divide it by speed and you get the correct answer.

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naseeamAuthor Commented:
Why add 320 Km to radius of earth ?  What is the formula for calculating orbital distance ?
Don't I need to find circumference ?
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< This chapter is about straight line motion.  Why are they giving problems about circle motion ? >

Because, in this case, the line is equal to the circumference of the circle, and the same formulae apply.  :-)
Yes, to calculate the total distance the shuttle travels in its orbit around the earth one needs to calculate the circumference with the correct radius value.

[Hint: The shuttle is not traveling on the surface of the earth but 320 km above it.]
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
naseeamAuthor Commented:
Perfect and very helpful answers to follow up questions.  Very well explained!
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