policy migration websense to check point

I would like to migrate an Application & URL Filtering policy from Websense to Check Point R77. Can someone please tell me whether there are any tools out there which allows the migration?
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btanConnect With a Mentor Exec ConsultantCommented:
not that this is known in public unless the support has that ... suggest you check the support side from websense, to see if even viable or have a better approach in the scheme of backup and restore. I did saw something [1] from websense to bluecoat and even then it is not as trivial since they just touch the categories "sync". also websense do "talk" to checkpoint ufw based on the pdf [2].


anyway, i guess it will has to be manual as migration of policy is not just a tool coverage but the whole validation and check balance is key. Support need to be available else they treat it as void. Websense has a export [3] and maybe via xml and with Checkpoint webviz [4], the latter has html or xml which may be imported as xls. this can be starting point to see format needed but effort is not trivial...

amacyberAuthor Commented:
The site refers to connectivity between Check Point and Websense and operating together but nothing such as a tool to migrate the websense rules to Check Point.

Does such a tool exist?

btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Nope to my best knowledge ...manual but prone to mistake I supposed in the a/m posting using xls or even xml
amacyberAuthor Commented:
After my research there are no tools out there that will the job, therefore it is a manual process.  Very painful.
btanConnect With a Mentor Exec ConsultantCommented:
actually it is always the case for policy migration as if such tools occur then user life is so much easier but the business switch will also be very often esp if the existing does not do a good job. the thing there is no interoperability for policy standards, esp web and url filter rules - maybe for FW there is still possibility ... probably good to poll support but doubt they can entertain
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