Datacenter move, 1 forest, all loc AD with GC role, FS witness x2 planning?

Basic info - All on Svr2008RSDCtr.  Loc1 has primary Exch2010 node(not moving) hw vpn tunnel established mesh between all three sites.  192.168.10.x/network  Exch 2010 SP1, DAG 2 member node, Passive member loc all in local LUN raw EQL access on SAN2, 2nd AD with GC role at MovingLOC. 192.168.11.x/network
Set-MailboxServer –Identity <Passive Server> – DatabaseCopyAutoActivationPolicy Blocked  (form half a year now).  Both nodes have CAS and HUB, but loc2 never reroutes users to mail properly regardless.

New Loc3 has existing AD with GC role, 10.10.x.x/network, AD with 1 nic only.


1. can I stop the info store on passive with no fail over since blocked pack and ship for receipt by next morning at new loc3, while primary node loc keep working with now issues?
2. Plan is to put equipment backup at new loc as is with everything and then makes changes as needed in a week or so, but want to only add the second location IP scheme 192.168.11.x/network and get trafficking/DAG/AD to work?  possible?
3. Can i do this by added a VLAN to a l2 or l3 switch and then gradually making further network redesign changes as time permits over the next two/three weeks?
4. Other/better ideas/suggestions/bullet points outline-able?
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jrhelgesonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm going to need a lot more clarification on this one. But from what I understand, it sounds workable.
If you move a DAG server into a new IP range, you'll first want to (all within AD Sites & Services) create a new AD site, then new IP range put into that site, create an EdgeSyncService for that AD Site.  Then put your DC in that range, then put the Exchange Server into that IP range.

I'm assuming you'll have AD setup in that new site, otherwise what's the point of redundant exchange if it loses connection to AD.
dee30Author Commented:
dc moved and topic in past; assigning/accepting just to close.  thank you.
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