IIS - Handling redirection

Can anyone advise on the following:

I have two IIS servers.

Server A.  IIS 7,5.    The user browses to a html page, can click on a button and browse to a second apsx page.

This second page contains a form with a post method.  The post is executed in the onLoad event.  So the page has a very short life!

The post is submitted to a isapi dll on Server B.

Server B. IIS 6.   The isapi dll runs.

My question is this: Is there anyway to make sure that the isapi dll on Server B only executes when it is stared by a post issued from ServerA
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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
I know in newer IIS you can do an ip restriction on a site, pretty sure iis6 has this capability also.
Emmanuel AdebayoGlobal Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:
As aarontomosky as said, you can restrict IIS6 to accept connect only from the server that is running your on Server A via IP address or domain name.

1.Log on to the server running iis6.0 as an administrator or user with admin privilege
2.Click Start, select Programs, and then click Administrative Tools.
3.Click Internet Information Services.
4.3.In the left column you will see the Server Name, expand the Server Name and then Web Sites to find the site
5.Right-click on the Site and select Properties.
6.On the Directory Security Tab under IP Address and Domain Name Restrictions click Edit
You have two options, you can grant access to all computers and restrict individual IP’s or you can deny access to all computers and grant access to specific IP’s. By default, all users will be granted access to your site except the IP addresses you specify.
NOTE: If you use domain name restrictions, the server has to perform a reverse DNS lookup for each request to check the host's registered domain name. Microsoft recommends that you use an IP address or network range whenever you can.

Also, you can create an HTTP module which checks for incoming URL and based on extension you can take action, either to redirect the traffic to Server running iis7 or denied the connection.

Finally, you can place server running iis6 behind the firewall and configure your firewall for the server to only allow the traffic from server running iis7.


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