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Microsoft Project : Impact of completed task


I am giving myself a crash course in Microsoft Project.

1. Task1 is set for 5 days (and will happen from Nov 1 to Nov 5)

2. Task2 is set for 3 days (and will happen from Nov 5 to Nov 7)

Now (for whatever reason) I have just been informed that Task1 is 100% complete.
Surely when I key in this fact THEN TASK2 should now commence 5 days earlier.
I.e. Task2 should be re-assessed and begin on Nov1

Why is Task2 NOT adjusted in this way?
Patrick O'Dea
Patrick O'Dea
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Does the relationship linking for both tasks are Finish to Start ?
Make sure Task 1 is the predecessor of Task 2.

Patrick O'DeaAuthor Commented:

If I set the predecessor as you describe - then all works fine.

However, my preference would be the Project simply allocated workloads WITHOUT linking them.

i.e. task 1 and task 2 have no real relationship.
Suppose Task 1 was "Build Shed" and Task 2 was "Plant Crops".

I would rather not be FORCED to link the 2 unrelated tasks.

Am I making sense?
Well, lets say task 1 was "Build Shed" and task 2 was "Plant Crops", there are needed to link together as well. As most likely after you build the shed, then only able to proceed to plant the crops. Unless one is "build shed", another is "go soccer", then that will be totally different task and is okay with not linking them.

For your case, if you would not link them together, then the task will just stick on your input, and nothing will change / impact / update that schedule even other tasks or schedule get changed, unless you manually make the changes to that particular task.

There is another feature at Microsoft Project, named resource leveling, basically on how to manage your resource and workloads :
Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting ServicesCommented:
Or you can use the built-in "auto update" of Microsoft Project. It assumes that all the tasks that have not started or finished in the past, can only start today. If you don't link the task to force them into a sequence this might solve your problem as described above.

To get this you need to click on the "Project" tab, then click on "Status Date" and set the status date to e.g. today. After that click on "Update Project" and select "Reschedule uncompleted work to start after:" and select "Entire project". This will shift all tasks to the status date if they haven't started in the past.
Patrick O'DeaAuthor Commented:
Thanks folks,

I got it now!
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