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I have an Exchange 2007 server with local continuous replication enabled. Transaction logs and passive copy of database were saved to a separate drive from the active db. Long story short the secondary drive failed. I had just made an Exchange aware backup overnight, so was able to recover and everything working. Question: MS recommends to keep log files on separate drive from the main db, also recommends to keep passive copy of the db on separate drive. What is the best configuration and backup practices to run to avoid disaster? Should I install 3 drives, one for main db, one for replication db, and one for logs? Any help would be appreciated.
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ash007Connect With a Mentor Commented:

You can keep Active DB & logs on primary drive &  Replicated DB on secondary drive that would be good option.

Also make sure u take backup regularly

You can keep two drives one for database & other for logs also as you are using LCR so need for 3rd as replication is local.

Microsoft recommends to keep Database & logs on different location to improve performance of Exchange server
absadminAuthor Commented:
Ash007, are you recommending to keep the active db, and the replicate db on the system drive, and the logs on the secondary drive?

I am concerned because when I lost the secondary drive, I had no logs, so I was unable to keep running without doing a restore. Partly I was thinking, keep the active db and the logs on the primary drive, and the passive db on the secondary.

I am trying to find a way to avoid doing a restore if one drive fails. You should be able to just mount the passive copy and keep going. I am not sure if this is the case.

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