Any mechanics with very sharp hearing?

My truck engine is making a clicking sound. It's done this at least since the crank sensor was replaced.
I've tried to locate the source of the noise but no luck, the engine noise is too high. I can hear the clicking, clearly when sitting in the cab with the doors closed.
Here is a txt file with the sound. On my computer speakers the volume is maximum. When the file is played back using WMP, I can hear the clicking but only by holding the speaker against my ear.
Maybe your speakers are better and you can hear the clicking noise. If not, hold your speaker to your ear and you should hear it.
The file is TXT and must be changed to WMA for you to play back.
The audio recording is about 20-25 seconds. if you listen closely and have the ears of an owl, you can pick up the clicking.

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It would help to know the make and model of the truck, along with what engine it has.
why don't you post it as a wma file?

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nickg5Author Commented:
On another question early in the summer, I posted a WMA file for people to hear a strange sound from my computer speakers.
They said they needed me to change the WMA file to a TEXT file and they would change it back to WMA and that is the only way they could hear it or the only way I could post it.

So, on my TXT file if you right click and change the name of the file you'll see 2untitled.txt in blue. Put your cursor at the end of the TXT, go back 3 spaces which removes the TXT, then enter WMA.

If you can not get it, I'll post the link to the other question.
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Since January, they've added .epub, .ncx, .opf, .rtf, .scss, .sqlplan and .xhtml, but .wma is still not an allowed extension.Attachments - Allowed Extensions as of October 2013 (click for larger)
the reason i asked is that i could not open it as a sound file
nickg5Author Commented:
If you change it to a WMA file you can open it.
Open or save the file and then right click to change the name.
The name you'll see in blue.      2untitled.txt
Put your cursor at the end of the TXT, go back 3 spaces which removes the TXT, then enter WMA. Then you can open it and hear the audio.
2009 Chevy S-10 pickup 6 cylinder I think.
Here is the question where Joe explained how for me to upload the WMA file so he and others could change it's format and listen to it.

Joe: Save it as a WMA. Then use Windows Explorer to rename it to TXT...right-click on the file and select Rename from the menu. It will position you before the WMA but just hit the End key and it will take you past the WMA...then hit backspace 3 times and type in TXT. It will give you this warning:

It's well down the page (comment number 39158424) before we figured out how to do it on my end and on the EE end.
Hmmm...  Chevy hasn't sold the S10 since 2004 (and the only variation of it made that year was a Crew Cab).

If you mean the Colorado, I don't believe it's ever been built with a 6.
4, 5 and 8 cylinders, but no sixes.
nickg5Author Commented:
It's an engine noise, clicking and I'm guessing the make and model is not related to the noise. The noise could occur in any vehicle, not sure.

I don't think make and model is part of the solution, not sure.

Valve knocking, for example only, is valve knocking, no matter a car or a truck engine.

I posted the audio to see if anyone can tell what the clicking is.
What vehicle it comes from seems not relevant to me. Not sure.

Another example. White smoke out the exhaust is maybe a head gasket. Car? Truck? It doesn't matter.  (??)
OK.. if you can't tell us the make/model and engine it has, I'm out of here.
There are literally hundreds of theoretical things it could be.
I have clicked Unmonitor
<-- over there.
This kind of vague infomation cannot be diagnosed via experts that cannot inspect the vehicle up close ( via internet communication only ).
My suggestion is to seek a local mechanic that can inspect the vehicle and do a hands on diagnosis.
nickg5Author Commented:
Maybe Joe who knows how to listen to the audio, despite not being a mechanic or maybe not even knowledgable at all about cars is willing to listen.
No one else is so forget it.
nickg5Author Commented:
points divided in the order in which they were posted.
All Dodge Ram V10s make that sound.
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