Delphi: it is Release configuration but Delphi still thinks it is Debug


I have a project in Delphi 2010. It is built in Release but Delphi "thinks" that it is still Debug.

Have a look at these pictures:

What can I do?
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you can change the compiler directive to {$IFDEF RELEASE} but if you keep it as it is, it would be a good practice in case a bug occurs in the program.
starhuAuthor Commented:
If I use {$IFDEF RELEASE}, it won't go in it either.

Delphi still thinks it is in Debug mode.
Do you have a a define like below in the code?
Probably at the top or in the first code module that gets compiled


The $IFDEF is using conditional compilation (not debug mode)
It tests if the DEBUG constant is defined.  If it is then it does the TRUE part if the if

MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
Also check if for some reason the DEBUG conditional define somehow ended up in your release configuration (it's on the compiler options page, you should see DEBUG in the debug configuration, but not in the release configuration).

If that is all ok (and you checked for {$DEFINE DEBUG} like mentioned before): did you did a _full_ recompile?
You can also try to delete the .dcu files for the units which misbehave, and compile again.

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MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
For future reference, can you explain how you solved your problem?
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