PLWK400 Powerline adapters - How to pair them?

Is the pairing option only for encryption i.e. they work without pairing?
How long to hit the home button for?
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All Homeplug devices work together WITHOUT pairing them (if powercables are in the same "net"). Different brands can work together that way. If the devices don't "see" each other out of the box, maybe it's been paired before by someone, so press the reset button for over 10 seconds to reset it to default settings (no pairing). Do this for both devices. Now connect both again (try next to each other), if they "connect", you can start moving one device to another room, and so on till you get to your final destination. If it stops somewhere, it just means that the power cabling are not sufficiently stable or interconnected to have a stable connection. You will have to use another solution (network cabling, wifi).

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Also to add to Kimputer's note...they need to be on the same mains powerboard...meaning they will not talk to each other unless you are on the same mains circuit

If the place you are trying to get them to talk is on a different switchboard then this will not work

Most of the devices have a set of LED's that light up - is the Powerline led(top one) lit on both sides? If not then you don't have a connection which means either the device isn't working...or you are possibly on a different power circuit
Which encryption are you talking about... between the Powerline adapters, or the PLW400's wireless encryption?

The 2 powerline adapters should talk to each other without using the homeplug simple connect button. Just watch the powerline LED (the house without a lock in it)... if it's flashing slow and steady it's looking for other powerline adapters; If it's on solid, it's connected to another powerline adapter; if it's flashing fast and intermittently, it's connected to another powerline adapter and transferring data.

Can you see both adapters in the connection utility?
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fcekAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks all.

It they should work out of the box why pair them? To me it must be a security feature then?

connection utility?  I got these from a friend with no software

Working too many hours and any sanity / reason thrown at these the better :-)
The connection util's windows installation file can be downloaded from,0.exe

The mac version is at

I suggest naming the windows version something useful like PLWK400utilSetup.exe instead of Setup,0.exe, but that's up to you of course.  :)
fcekAuthor Commented:
Will follow instructions - thanks all.

To date Ive just plugged them in and they worked.

No not wireless encryption, Im refereeing to poss home plug encryption.  

Im trying to get my head around what the pairing buttons are for is all.
They are for encryption or not?
If not they are an intregal part of the process.
If yes -  I may not want it, and if they don't work without security, they are not going to work at all in situ ..... that's what I need to know.  If there is a prob is it a security / encryption prob.
Don't use it? same prob - ok they are not going to work.

I cant fully concentrate now. hope that made sense

The Home Plug Encryption is for added security. That means, if you suspect your close neighbors having Home Plug devices too. If you are a simple home user, without shared devices (or shared, but not shielded by username/passwords), there's not much to be afraid of. For anything "bad" to happen, you need at least a hacker next door (with partially shared power lines), and you would have to use plain text protocol (unsecured email) for him to snoop some of your passwords. If you use secure banking websites, and Gmail, you won't leave a hacker with anything more interesting than your browsing habits (if you keep your PC updated and password protected).

So for the encryption to work, first use one homplug, connect computer with network cable, run software, set password.
Now use the other homeplug. On the first homeplug (which already had the new password) hold the button for over 1 second, now run over to the other homeplug, press the button for over 1 second. Now this homeplug has the same network password. You are now secured, but other brands of homeplug will probably not work with these ones anymore (until you reset it).
There might also be a slight performance dent, so if the performance was already dropped (due to bad cabling), it will drop a bit more.
As Kimputer alluded, if you and your neighbors are fed from the same transformer, your electric lines could share a network connection... utilities typically feed 2 to 5 houses from a single transformer... that may not be obvious if your electric lines are underground.
fcekAuthor Commented:
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