Exchange 2013 Mailbox- IPhone Now Wont Connect

Hey Guys

I have setup my Exchange 2013 environment
Moved all the Client access roles to the Exchange 2013 Server

I moved my test mailbox to the Exchange 2013 Mailbox Server
Now when I connect using my IPhone I can add the account. Get all Ticks but when I go to retrieve the mail I get "Cant Get Mail, The Connection to the server failed"

I can use OWA and Outlook anywhere with this account. Works fine on a Domain Computer or a Non Domain Computer. Everything works as it should. Expect the IPhone

If I add a mailbox on the 2007 Server. It works fine
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Nick RhodeConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
Or check if there is in issue with inheritable permissions.

Inheritable Permissions
Please try and run the activesync test. Please share the results here.

bradley1986_waAuthor Commented:
It was the  inheritable permissions.
Thanks, inheritable permissions was also my issue causing iPhone to get error
‘Cannot Get Mail. The connection to the server failed’
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