Slow performing Citrix XenApp in Windows XP

I have been struggling with this issue quite a bit recently. We are running Citrix 6.5 XenApp with Receiver 4.0. Any Windows 7 or newer operating systems run all published apps just fine. On our systems running Windows XP they run all apps fine with the exception of our software which we develop in house. It is developed in Java and is executed using a Batch file. When running this app ONLY ON WINDOWS XP we get very slow screen draw issues. For example the login window will draw a square and then fill in with the actual window after a few seconds. Then any window we open draws similarly with the surrounding window first drawing and then the contents of the window filling in after a few seconds. Just wanted to check and see if anyone had any recommendations on this.
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Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Ensure you're using the latest client / receiver compatible with XP.

Are the video cards a much lower spec thean the Win 7 machines? Indeed are the machines themselves very much a lower spec? Whilst it is true that 100% of code in XenApp is executed on the server, it still leverages some components of the client such as the graphics card.

If you lower the colour depth slightly for XP clients, does it have any impact?

You may wish to review these settings:

There is also a HDX monitor:

On the face of it, it sounds like the XP desktops are underpowered, graphically.
Mase2kAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment Tony. We did go down the path of the power/graphics on the client machines to no avail. Regardless of the client machine if it was running Windows XP with the latest Receiver (or even the older ones for that matter) we were experiencing issues. We ended up discovering the issue was related to "seamless" delivery of the App as simply pressing F2 to break into Windowed mode resolved the problem immediately. We went round and round with Citrix support trying to resolve the seamless issues but in the end I pulled the trigger on just launching the app in a windowed mode. This resolved our problem completely and everything is running nicely. Thanks again for your feedback!

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Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
How very odd. Glad you sorted it out and thanks for feeding back what cured it for you.
Mase2kAuthor Commented:
Once we discovered the issue was related to seamless delivery of the App we resolved it by executing the app in a windowed environment.
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