asa hair pinning


allow me to give you a scenario and you let me know what my options are or if it is even possible.

This is in regards to my simple home network which has an ASA 5505 connected to DSL.

I have 1 public IP from the ISP I have a security camera on my internal network listening on port tcp 9000. I have port forwarding setup so that i can access my camera from outside.  Everything works fine in this manner. Example, the software to access my camera from outside is pointed at
The problem is when I am inside the network, i have to manually repoint the IP to  Would someone offer me a suggestion on how I could access from inside the network so that I dont have to keep flipping my ips?  This is ASA 8.4 code. would appreciate a sample syntax as well.
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TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
The ASA does support hairpin NAT, but it's usually a pain to set it up. Still better than with IOS routers.
Can you post your NAT-related config?

Henk van AchterbergSr. Technical ConsultantCommented:
object service TCP-9000
 service tcp destination eq 9000

nat (inside,inside) source static any interface destination static service TCP-9000 TCP-9000 unidirectional no-proxy-arp

here ya go. The source is changed to the interface IP of the ASA, this way the return traffic also goes via the ASA.

The downside is that in the logs you do not see the IP. To overcome that you can NAT to a POOL the same size as your LAN and then you will see the 1-to-1 NAT IP.

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trojan81Author Commented:
wow that worked beautifully! thanks henkva!
I don't have the option for "no-proxy-arp" at the end, but doesn't appear I need it.
Henk van AchterbergSr. Technical ConsultantCommented:
The no proxy arp is from the 9.0 software i think. You should consider upgrading ;-)
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