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This is my first time using EE, so please bear with me if I've not given the right information.

Basically, we have recently moved to exchange 2013 and we are looking to setup a mail enable public folder.  Creating the public folder and mail-enabling it isn't a problem, but it is within a sub folder and as such has the mail address of the root public folder associated with it.  

Is it possible to assign another email address to it and could that address be accessible externally?  I've created another public folder mailbox but can not see anyway to assign it.

Thanks very much
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
You should be able to just select the sub folder, choose the edit icon and be able to modify the email address. All done in EMC. I have just checked it for myself, created a root folder, then a sub folder and was able to mail enable the root folder and then the sub folder and the sub folder got its own email address.

You are on CU2?


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Wilko84Author Commented:
Hi Simon,

Thanks for your reply.  The email address was right there, it wasn't clear that I could double click into the subfolder and get and additional menus which held all the general email setting etc.

Thanks again.
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