Comparison between Galaxy Mega 6.3 vs Note 3

Between Mega 6.3 & Note 3,
which of the two

a) has longer battery standby time?
b) has better screen resolution?
c) has better video rendering (esp when watching movies
    at or or youtube, I've found
    iPad retina or iPhone 5 giving choppy videos)
d) supports both 3G & 4G (ie LTE) ?
e) more free apps to read/edit PDF, MS Word, Excel, Ppt,
f) more likely to get adaptors/gadgets to project out to an
   LCD screen/TV
g) better audio quality?
h) support for flash player
i) more stable Wifi connections
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KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
a) Same type of battery, it will be a close match.
b) Note 3, higher resolution, higher pixel density
c) Note 3, better CPU, better GPU
d) both have LTE, but Note3 needs better attention when buying (N9002, N9006, N9009 are 3G, only N9005 is LTE)
e) Both are Samsung, so you will have free Polaris Office.
f) Both are higher end, so both will support Screen Mirroring using Allshare Cast. For media, most androids are sufficient when paired with a smart TV (using Twonky Beam or BubbleuPnP)
g) not sure, but probably Note 3 (more expensive, better components)
h) Both are higher Android 4 versions, so no Flash.
i) Not sure. Not many Samsungs have wifi problems anyway.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Just one last question:

where can I download Allshare Cast & which links
give instruction on how to set it up?
KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Allshare cast app is built in all higher end Samsungs. The dongle is a separate purchase around 100 Euro, and connects via hdmi to your tv.
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