how to remove old exchnage server?

Overview: We have an Exchange 2007SP3 server with all updates. We have a 2003 level domain\forest. We have a BSD\Linux box named "" that forwards email to the Exchange server. We have cleaned up an old 2003 and 2007 Exchange server from AD and are now left with an Exchange 2000 server that is still in AD. It is named the same as the BSD box... When I look in AD, it appears to show there are no roles installed on the 2000 "" server, but we get these messages in Exchange 2007 error logs which tend to say it is a Routing Group Master.

Question #1
How do we know if this "" BSD box is in anyway using the old email server name to "connect" to the current Exchange box? What might happen if we successfully remove "" from AD, will the BSD box continue forwarding email to the exchange server? The MX records are for "" too, in case that matters.
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Manpreet SIngh KhatraConnect With a Mentor Solutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Try to send an email or do telnet to that host\machine :)
Need to check if BDS box is set to relay emails to some IP\Server and what does it resolves to with DNS :)
MX is for reciving emails from External\Internet

- Rancy
johnj_01201Author Commented:
Yes the BSD box relays email to the current exchange server.
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