Access 2010 Visual Basic Method Errors with Windows 8 tablet

Hi experts:

I am have a new Tablet with Windows 8 installed and Office 2010, including Access 2010. The front end application that I have on the tablet is the same front end app that is on all the other machines currently in the office and it has been working since it was created 6 months ago. The other machines are either Windows XP Pro or Windows 7 pro (everyone has same version of office 2010).

We have a form that keeps failing with the error message that

Microsoft Visual Basic

Run-time error '-2147417848 (80010108):
Method 'RowSource' of object '_ListBox' failed

I have been trying to solve, and decided first I would compile and when I do I get this error (on the line for strPartNum = Me.Pt_IDN):

Compile Error:

Method or data member not found

So - I am starting to think something is wrong with the references. The MDB was created in Access 2010 on a Windows 7 machine.

I have looked at the references and there are none that are missing or flagged as a problem. I have searched all over the EE and cannot find the solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Have you performed maintenance on the database? If not, make a backup and then do this:

1. Compact the database
2. Decompile the database: Create a shortcut with this as the Target:

"full path to msaccess.exe" "full path to your db" /decompile

Run that to decompile
3. Compile your code. Open the VBA Editor and click Debug - Compile. fix any errors, and then continue compiling until the menitem is disabled.
4. Compact again

You might also import everything into a new, blank container.

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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
(on the line for strPartNum = Me.Pt_IDN):
Compile Error:
Method or data member not found

Also be sure to check your spelling
it might be:

When you type:  Me.
...Intellesense in vba should drop down a list of all the currently available member objects.

Every once in a while I get this issue as well,
Since this error will show itself rather quickly, I do all the things LSM mentioned above, and just recreate the form.

CPKGDevTeamAuthor Commented:
Hi Jeff and LSM:

I took all of your advice, I ran a double check for syntax. All is correct, and the same accdb file is working as expected on my Windows 7 machine.

Also, created a brand new shell and pulled in the tables, forms, etc. Then I decompiled from the command prompt.

Finally, I went into the Visual Basic editor and I compiled from the Debug menu and there were no errors this time.

The application still fails on the Windows 8 instance, but works on the rest. I have a feeling that this is completely reference related. Any ideas where I can go from here?

The error I get is back to this from my original post
Microsoft Visual Basic

Run-time error '-2147417848 (80010108):
Method 'RowSource' of object '_ListBox' failed

Thanks for your input,
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Copy the rowsource into a blank query and run it, ...just to see what happens

Post the rowsource here as well
CPKGDevTeamAuthor Commented:
This is a form that opens as an Event Procedure bu code. Here is the code:

Private Sub cmdUhOhDetail_Click()

    DoCmd.OpenForm "frm_PO_Rcpt_Time_Elapsed_Detail", acNormal
    Forms!frm_PO_Rcpt_Time_Elapsed_Detail!lstDetail.RowSource = fNR_Rcvd_Detail_Base & _
        "WHERE (((tmptbl_PO_Rcpt_Hours_Elapsed.HoursElapsed)>72)) " & _
        "ORDER BY qry_PO_Rcpt_Time_Elapsed.PO_Dte_Rcvd;"

End Sub

Open in new window

This code works just fine on Windows 7 and Windows XP. This new Windows 8 machine refuses to play well with this code. I have double checked the references that have in my own copy on Windows 7; and all the references match and there are none missing.

Thanks for any insight,
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
First throw this up in a messagebox, just to view the complete SQL string:
msgbox fNR_Rcvd_Detail_Base & _
        "WHERE (((tmptbl_PO_Rcpt_Hours_Elapsed.HoursElapsed)>72)) " & _
        "ORDER BY qry_PO_Rcpt_Time_Elapsed.PO_Dte_Rcvd;"

(I am not sure, but you may need the double quotes around that leading variable...?)

But again, try sending this string out to a textbox (or to the immediate window), ...then copy it and save it as a query and run it on the troublesome machine...
Does it work?
Yes or No?

Then try ditching the Line continuation characters and try:
Forms!frm_PO_Rcpt_Time_Elapsed_Detail!lstDetail.RowSource = fNR_Rcvd_Detail_Base & " WHERE (((tmptbl_PO_Rcpt_Hours_Elapsed.HoursElapsed)>72)) " & " ORDER BY qry_PO_Rcpt_Time_Elapsed.PO_Dte_Rcvd;"

Finally, what are the actual names of these objects in the database window/Navigation pane...?
Sometimes VBA will substitute an underscore for an illegal character, ...causing confusion
CPKGDevTeamAuthor Commented:
Hi Boag:

I apologize for not replying sooner as our office has been in the middle of a huge vendor implementation.

I will be at work this weekend and I will be working on your suggestion above then.

Thank you for your patience and mostly for all your help.

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
CPKGDevTeamAuthor Commented:
The actual issue was with the installation of the software. I am not sure if this is because it is a tablet running Windows 8 and then installation was done over the network on a wireless connection. I never received errors on the installation, but that is my guess.

After re-install I would get an OLE error that installation would not resolve. I would receive this OLE error after I would import everything into a new container. (This was your part of the solution that led me to the next steps that did work).

Frustrated, I decided to try out the 2013 version of Access that was pre-installed on the tablet when purchased. I ran the update for Access 2013, dropped in the original accdb file and the application ran immediately and without issues.

It is not ideal to run 2 versions of Access in our environment, but since there will only be 1 tablet in the organization, for now, this extra purchase seems a better use of resources than fighting a consistently flaky install.

Thank you for your patience and your help with this issue. I apologize that I could not try to resolve and answer before today. Until yesterday, every other available moment has been dedicated to a client SAP upgrade. *shivers*

Thanks again,
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