SQL, Error: ConnectionWrite(send()).(01000).

I am getting a error from SQL server 2012 randomly. The error says in the header, "File Acces Error",  the body says,  "File (TableName) could not be opened. Error: ConnectionWrite (Send()). 01000)." Does anyone know what this error means?
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virtuadeptConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This looks like network connectivity issues. I found an article about something like this here that explains how they managed to solve it at their location, but depending on your setup this may or may not be relevant. If this does not help, please write back with more information about your specific SQL Server setup, how it accesses disk or shares, what kind of network topology it is in, versus the clients, like what does the client have to go through to get to the SQL server, etc.

jcnelson84Author Commented:
they recently upgraded to sql server 2012 so I fell like it may be related to a setting in there somewhere, this happens sporadically so it is hard to pinpoint a scenario to force it to happen. I am going to connect to the server and try and find all these other details to figure out if any of them are causing it when I get a chance. Thanks,
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