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Remote Support across different VLANs

Hey Guys and Girls:

Here is the brain teaser for the day:

We currently use uVNC to remotely access our devices for support. Whether they are connected to corporate through our MPLS network, VPN connected, or not connected at all. It works pretty good for what we use it for. All we need is the ip address:port # (or internal ip address for those connected through VPN or MPLS), and we are off to the races.

We are planning to implement multiple VLANs in all of our locations in order to segregate our cash registers and "public" devices from corporate and each other. This will be done by managing ip addressing and traffic at the switch port/router level.

My concern is: How will I remotely connect to a device if it is on a secured VLAN which I am not currently attached to without plugging into a switch port to get to it's VLAN? If at all possible we would like to avoid assigning the Tech staff's computers and laptops with static ip addresses since we never know what location we will be at and what we will have to access.

Any advice or personal experiences would be of great help. Maybe suggestions of other remote assistance software (that does not require the user to grant access permission).

Thanks in advance.
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Ivano ViolaSystem AdministratorCommented:
You should be able to allow certain IP subnets to cross vlans at the switch/router level. For example, if tech are on the 10.20 vlan, at the switch level you can configure to allow 10.20 to cross into 10.50, if this is the users' subnet.

djstewartncAuthor Commented:
Never thought of that. I think I can get creative concerning accessing the dhcp on a dedicated VLAN through any switch/port and wireless.

Thanks for the insight.
djstewartncAuthor Commented:
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Sometimes stating the obvious is so elementary that it gets ignored. Simple approaches are greatly appreciated.
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