at&t does not recognize nexus tablet

I bought a nexus tablet 2013 LTE version unlocked.  I Bought a att  Sim card, but when I am taken to the att website to purchase a data plan it does not recognize the nexus as a tablet and thus the att website only offers me a data plan for laptops and not tablets.  Note I have tried multiple att Sim cards with the same results.  If I try the Sim card on my old iPad the Sim card works as when it takes me to the att website I am offered tablet plans.

I emailed nexus support, but they could not provide a resolution.
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upobDaPlayaAuthor Commented:
I tried  This previously, but once I put in all the identifying information it brings me to laptop plans not data plans for tablets.  It appears that the at&t site does not recognize my imei number as a tablet, but rather as a laptop and thus the tablet data plan is not available from the drop down.
Jackie ManCommented:
Sorry for late reply.

If I were you, I will approach AT&T service centre for assistance as it seems that the imei database is not covering most tablets in the market unless your Nexus 7 is brought from AT&T.

There is nothing we can do as it is from the server side.
upobDaPlayaAuthor Commented:
I gave up on the Nexus 7 and AT&T..I returned the Nexus7 and plan on buying a Ipad-Air
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