AVG causing problems in Docuware

I have a file server running Windows Server 2008 r2 with AVG 2011 Business for the antivirus solution.  Toshiba Docuware has recently been installed but when logging into Docuware with a Windows account on the server Docuware hangs.  If you disable AVG it works fine.  I am unable to find anything in the logs from AVG, (I am looking in "Resident Shield Detection") that tells me that it's doing anything to block Docuware.  I am not aware of any other relevant logs for AVG.  
I have tried disabling the Link Scanner and Online Shield but this had not made any difference.  I have added the vendor recommended exceptions into the exceptions list for the resident shield scanner.  Also, if you choose a Docuware login as opposed to a Windows login it seems to work fine.  
I have worked with both AVG reseller support and Docuware and neither has provided any solutions.  
Does anyone know how to determine what AVG is blocking besides looking in the obvious place I mentioned above?  Is anyone aware of any known Docuware issues with AVG?
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mybrainhertzConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Upgrading AVG to 2013 File Server Edition fixed the issues.
Cris HannaCommented:
Can you exclude the docuware folders (program and data) from AVG real time scanning?
btanConnect With a Mentor Exec ConsultantCommented:
AVG has an debug tool to drill further, not sure if the support has shared but probably can shed more lights to hint the AVG engine doing

not specific to AVG though, Docuware has such past issue

Likewise Docuware allow debug logging and likely that can surface the path beyond what it is trying to access or being disallow or attempted failure etc

another means is trying another AV to see if Docuware has surfaced such symptom and if other different machine with Docuware and AVG has that.
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mybrainhertzAuthor Commented:
We have already excluded the Docuware directories from real time scanning.
I have taken a look at the debugger for AVG, but I'm not sure how to read the results. I know it sends them into AVG but never received anything back from them.  I opened another ticket with their support today and I'm waiting to hear back from them.  Thanks for the link on the Docuware logging, I will take a look at that.  
If anyone has any info on reading the AVG debugger logs I would appreciate it.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
better for support to revert and advice instead, there are more specific tools
mybrainhertzAuthor Commented:
Other user had commented on trying an alternate solution, more specific solution was to upgrade current software.
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