Hi Guys,

I am trying to setup a rule to block http access from my network to the internet from one machine, does this look correct
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that rule should be put under the Inside incoming rules as the first rule. That will block your specific traffic and then permit the rest. Otherwise, the rule itself appears to be correct, just on the wrong interface.
jonathanduane2010Author Commented:
ah ok, so i have put in on the outside in, instead of the other way round?
jonathanduane2010Author Commented:
ok i have added that but still able to access the internet from this machine?
As rauenpc said on the inside incoming ....
AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Inside interface because that's the interface that connects to your network

Incoming (to the firewall) because the firewall is the one receiving the connection before its gets forwarded out

Inside interface, Incoming traffic.

Note (It's all about the firewall)
It is how the firewall sees the traffic.

Further breakdown (let's assume your public address is
ACL 1 that you created
Outside Interface, Incoming
The firewall will see traffic destined to 79.1140.211.194 from the internet
Nothing matches there

Inside interface, Outgoing
Outgoing direction from the firewall on the inside interface is heading in the direction of your computer.
There is no traffic heading that way that matches
What you will find instead is a random port eg (assuming that is the random port your computer used to generate the traffic - research PAT <port Address Translation>)

To get a match, you need to block the traffic as it enters the firewall from the inside interface that your computer is connected to.

I hope this helps

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