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Internet Speed Issue

I am running a Windows 7 Lenovo laptop computer with 8GB RAM.  I recently restored the computer to its factory state because Microsoft messed up my Windows installation.  The computer runs like new, with one exception.  My browser (Internet Explorer 10) loads page VERY slowly (much slower than before the restore).  I checked my internet connection speed, and it clocks at a pretty consistent 9 Mbps (plus the other computer on the network runs blazingly fast).  I run Norton Internet Security, though that didn't previously cause a noticeable slowdown.  Any idea what can be causing it.  It usually takes 10 seconds +/- to load a webpage.


3 Solutions
Boot up in safe mode with networking.  Still 10+ seconds delay?
Have you updated your Network Card drivers?
Some things you can try:

1. Try disabling all of the plug-ins for IE. Do you see a different?

2. Try Google Chrome (just to rule out the possibility of it being Internet Explorer)

3. Temporarily disable Norton Internet Security (right-click on tray icon, select 'Disable' for 15 minutes). Test again.

4. Go to www.speedtest.net and do a test. Is your UPLOAD speed where you'd expect it? How about your download speed?

5. If possible, disable your wireless and connect using Ethernet instead, and do the test again. (If vice versa - you are already connecting using Ethernet, then disconnect the cable and test the wireless connection). I recently restored my Dell XPS 15z and until I updated the network driver to the latest version, Internet was VERY slow. In my case it was definitely a network adapter driver issue. If you restored to factory settings, I bet updated drivers have been updated since then.

6. Double-check your DNS settings to make sure it is properly set up

7. Is Internet Explorer trying to connect to a proxy server? If you don't have a proxy server, make sure IE knows that.

8. Make sure you aren't connected to two networks at once (Wi-Fi and Ethernet, or Wi-Fi and 4G, etc)
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slow to load can be a dns issue - check that you are using your router or isp for dns.
check what sort of "network" speed you are getting - can you copy files from the other computer reasonably fast?
are you on wifi or cable - try both.
as above - check you have the latest drivers for the netcard from the Lenovo website.
Also disable Norton temporarily and go to a safe page, e.g., Google, and see if you get 10+ seconds delay.
1) Run IE with no addons.  (Start|All Programs|Accessories|System Tools|Internet Explorer (No add-ons)
2) Troubleshoot
3) Scan for viruses, malware
philsimmonsAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
Great. You got it working. :-)
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