Can MS SQL 2005 make backups to a shared folder?

I'm not a big MS SQL person. Is there a way to setup a shared folder on another server to make backups. If I try to assign a folder for the backups it only gives me options for direct attached storage. I'm using standard edition of MS SQL 2005.
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should be able to use a UNC path although the GUI may not be able to browse to it. see for example. (Note that the N in that example seems to be an error since drive letters are for users and the SQL service account won't see drive letters but should use something like \\server\share\filename as the target.

See for example, in that instance "N" has no meaning to SQL, it's just what the user sees as his own mapped drive.

Also make sure permissions are correct  which generally means changing the account SQL runs under as local system account won't have permission.
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