InfoPath 2010 Manual Data Refresh

   I would like to know how to make the xml data refresh manual InfoPath 2010.


1) Initial data should be available in combo boxes

2) When users need the most recent data they should be able click the refresh button and have the most recent data

3) ideally a Date time stamp would mark the refresh

Currently when I use the following settings there is no initial data in the combo boxes for selection until reshresh button is selected.

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Clay FoxConnect With a Mentor Director of Business IntegrationCommented:
In the past, what I have seen before is you would select "include the data as a resource file" and then automate the publish process of the template xsn, which is just a cab file.  I believe MSN and have some info on how to recompile the xsn on a scheduled basis from the backend.  

Another option is to not check the save for offline use. Put the data on a network share and use offline files to keep the data up-to-date and replicated to the local machines. That way each time they open the form or when you refresh it would get the most recent off-line data from the last time they were connected and synced.

Another method is to put the data on SharePoint and then use the SharePoint workspace to take SP offline.
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