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Hello All,

Is there a way to retrieve prior Mobile device history on a mailbox that had a mobile wipe performed recently?

Reason is... my client had terminated an associate, and let him keep his ipad.. they wiped the email via exchange, but did not bother to keep track of the iPad phone number that it was issued therefore making disconnecting on the Cellular side a bit harder than it should be since there are 20 iPad phone numbers on the account and no one cared to have them labeled as to who's ipad it belongs to..

Long story short, the ex. employee has negelcted to supply the information my client needs to terminate the iPad contract..  

I was wondering if there is a way to pull a log/history of what mobile devices were connected to the ex-associates mailbox at the time prior to the wipe?
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I QasmiTechnical LeadCommented:
Have a look at this article specially the second part

this part contains enough information with powershell command lines alongwith

Export-ActiveSyncLog results.. for every user log alongwith device information user to connect with history

Also a command line

List mobile devices that have connected to Exchange in the last 30 days
Get-ActiveSyncDevice | Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics | ?{$_.LastSuccessSync -gt (Get-Date).AddDays(-30)} | ft identity,devicemodel,deviceos,lastsuccesssync,devicemobileoperator

You can use the Get-MobileDevice cmdlet to view a list of mobile devices for a specific user.
Run the following command.
Get-MobileDevice -Mailbox useralias
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
You can retrieve the list of mobile devices, even if they're no longer in use and have been wiped, if you haven't specifically removed them from Exchange using Remove-ActivesyncDevice, or through OWA. AAMOF, you should be able to see and manage the list of mobile devices through OWA, assuming you haven't actually deleted the user's mailbox entirely.  However, I'm afraid this won't help you, since I don't think the phone number is included with the mobile device information available through Exchange.

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Coupee46Author Commented:
Thank you I will give this a look.
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