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I need to deploy 2 fonts (TTF) to 300 pc's.  The pc's are Windows 7, and my DC is Windows 2008 R2. I have read several ways to deploy them but none are working.

I have log on batch file script that launches when users log on I would like to add it in there.

I have tried through GPO preferences but it did not work.

Any suggestions?

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Have you taken a look at this resource:

With this (unless you know how to program in VB, which I don't), you will need to create two different VB scripts, one for each font, and then call those VB scripts from your login script.

I would be concerned with one thing, which is what happens if this script is invoked multiple times, so testing would be important to ensure that you capture any error messages correctly.

Maybe someone else has another idea.
Did you try the solutions mentioned here:

Notably the one referring to the registry keys?

Another workaround after copying the fonts to the folder in a logon script could be to open an explorer window to the folder and close it again? Clumsy though.

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Just as a side line here..... not the solution at all but something to keep in mind....

If you roll out the fonts to 300 pcs - or to everyone in your company - thats great and it will look really nice when you send documents or slides using those great company fonts.
...but... what happens when someone forwards a document onto the outside world - or send them an email with HTML footer on it with that font ?
It gets converted to the nearest font (which normally is something very basic like 'Courier')
and it makes the whole document look terrible.
Please only do it if you FULLY understand that this will happen even if you tell people not to do it - it will (trust me on that - I speak from experience)
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