Outlook 2010 contact pictures not populating from the GAL

We are currently running exchange 2010 with outlook 2010 clients. Our domain has had all the schema preparations for 2008 R2 and exchange 2010 applied. We have added pictures for most of our users in active directory.

The issue I am having now is that the pictures are not showing up in outlook as they should.

I have read over some of the troubleshooting steps and documents online and have confirmed that we have the proper settings for the most common causes of the GAL picture not working.

1. Thumbnailphoto attribute is set and checked for Global Catalog Replication
2. The MAPIID variable is set to 35998
3. I have updated the address book using the following powershell Get-OfflineAddressBook | update-offlineaddressbook
4. From the outlook client I have performed a full send/receive of the offline address book.

The strange thing is that on some clients these pictures are displaying and on others I can not get them to display at all.

Any help is appreciated.
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Joseph DalyAsked:
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Joseph DalyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I managed to figure this out for myself. Im kind of embarassed I didnt think of this earlier but for whatever reason I had to reboot the CAS servers for them to start pulling the pictures.

Through troubleshooting I was able to figure out that the users who actually had the pictures showing were all connected to the same CAS server (we had 3). This server had been rebooted after the schema update for an unrelated matter.

Once I rebooted our other two CAS servers the pictures were available from all outlook clients.
Mahesh SharmaCommented:
It will start displaying on all outlook in 24 hrs. Outlook updates once in 24 hrs.
Joseph DalyAuthor Commented:
Weve had the thumbnailphoto and schema updates in place for over a month now. I dont think it is simply the update period.

I have also tried completely deleting my local copy of the OAB and redownloading from scratch with no luck.

Also creating a new profile in non-cached mode also does not show any pictures.
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Try flushing the cache on one station to see if it starts to work.  If so then follow the sub article within my link.

Joseph DalyAuthor Commented:
Iqasmi: those were the original documents that I followed and put the troubleshooting steps in my original question. Unfortunately in my environment all of those are set as describe.

NRhode: I tried removing the folders as suggested in your posting as well as creating sever new profiles both in cached mode and online mode with no success.
Joseph DalyAuthor Commented:
answer above.
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