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I have created a Dynamics GP Addin with a Dynamics GP window containing a datagridview.  The DG View is bound to a datasource that is an SQL view.  The GP addin, of course, is a class

Public Class GPAddIn
    Implements IDexterityAddIn

    ' IDexterityAddIn interface

    Sub Initialize() Implements IDexterityAddin.Initialize

    End Sub

End Class

 so I added a windows forms project with a splash screen and set the splash screen to start up.  but I don't know how to get the dynamics GP window with the datagrid view to display.  Ultimately, I want to click a button, which I have added to the RMCustomerMaintenance window, to launch the VB project and display the datagrid view with the data from the view.

I use Visual Studio for all the time, but this is my first attempt at a GP Addin and I am stumped at this point.

T HoecherlDeveloperAsked:
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Jeff MorlenConnect With a Mentor Network EngineerCommented:
When you package your solution are you packaging it as an Windows forms application (exe) or as a library (dll)?

If you package it as a dll, then you can place the dll in the addins folder within GP.

There are a couple good books you can read on GP development... and I am not an expert.
The one I have is: Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications by Leslie Vail

I have also attended Dexterity training courses put on by Intelipartners with Mariano Gomez.  Mariano has a blog at:

Hope this helps.
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