Visio 2010 - Drawing Size Default?

I created a drawing and the size that appears in the dialog box (attached to this message is 15.6" x 10.28"   Is this the standard default?  I only use letter size paper.    Is 15 x 10 the norm even for letter size output?
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Visio_GuyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi BT,

Here's some extra info that might help:

It looks like you have AutoSize switched on (Design ribbon tab) or have somehow managed to change the size of the page, or maybe have a drawing scale set to other than 1:1.

There are two 'page' variables to keep in mind: Visio page size and printer paper size. They needn't be equal. At print time, you can scale the page to print on one sheet or be tiled across several. Your current setting is to 'Fit to exactly one sheet', so your Visio page size can be anything, really.

You can fix the page size to be discrete, and non-expanding, though (I prefer to work this way) In the dialog above, just check the second radio button 'Pre-defined size', then select 'Standard', 'Letter...' And you'll have page size = printer paper size.

Have a look at the Design ribbon tab and make sure AutoSize is not depressed. Also note the other convenient page size and orientation controls on that tab.
brothertruffle880Author Commented:
Thank you. Excellent explanation!  Very helpful.
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