Exchange 2007 to 2010 Migration Activesync issue

Hi All,

I'm part way into a migration from 2007 to 2010. I migrated the one team a few weeks ago and all worked fine and migrated several test 'user' accounts and all ok.

However have hit a strange issue which is difficult to explain so please bear with me.

We used a MDM appliance as a gateway to our Activesync just FYI - I think this is irrelevant but mentioned it anyway.

Last week one of the migrated users stopped receiving email on his iphone.  Also I migrated another user last Friday who also is now not receiving any emails on his phone.

Now I've checked the logs on the MDM and can see when it connects to the original CAS(2007) it is getting redirected to the new CAS (2010) for these two users that don't work. For the users who phones do work, the connection is redirected not to the new CAS server but to the new Mailbox server.

I realise MDM should point to new CAS server but this isn't the issue as 8 of 10 of the migrated users work.

Now all the above mentioned users are in the same mailbox DB on the same new 2010 mailbox server.

Can anyone explain why connection is different on a per user basis? ie. the users that don't work get sent to one server and the ones that work get sent to another? Isn't that all dictated by the database\server settings and not on a user-basis?

Would appreciate any suggestions/ideas as to what the connection is doing. When the connection hits the CAS what exactly dictates where it is redirected because it cant be what I thought it was!

My dns is fine, all resolution works and there's no firewalling in the way. OWA works for ALL users and Outlook client works for ALL users (By ALL I mean the migrated users and those remaining on the 2007 server)

Been looking at this all day so maybe missing something obvious.


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Have you tried ?
Have you tried the phones connected to your wifi and hence on your internal network rather than across the internet?
also - have you tried deleting the account and adding it again on the "broken" phone to see if it fixes it - or on a working phone and see if it breaks it.
arakisAuthor Commented:
Thanks Wolfcamel but what I'm really after is an answer to the question 'When the connection hits the CAS what exactly dictates where it is redirected' and how can it be the two users with mailbox on same server/database get sent to different servers.


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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
How many servers do you have at Exchange 2010?
Have you implemented an RPC CAS Array (if not then you should).

As best practise you shouldn't try and redirect to a higher version of Exchange, it should be the other way round. All traffic should go to Exchange 2007 and then it either redirects or proxies. The best practise is to have Exchange proxy ActiveSync traffic, that is the most reliable method. You point everything at Exchange 2010 and ensure there is no external URL set on the Exchange 2007 server so Exchange knows to proxy.

The results you are seeing are kind of what I expect to see because you are trying to go up a version, which Exchange doesn't like.

arakisAuthor Commented:
Hi Simon,

Thanks for suggestion. Turns out the issue was with the MDM after all. Once resolved everything started functioning properly.



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arakisAuthor Commented:
Closing myself as resolved myself
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