MS Office shows 64bit install but is actually 32bit.

I have a Windows Server 2008R2 machine running as a Remote Desktop server. I had installed MS Office 64bit for my users and then discovered that we needed 32bit for some program compatibility issues.
I uninstalled MS Office 64bit and installed 32bit. When users open MS Outlook, it says "Configuring MS Office 2013 64bit" on a splash screen and then opens. When I go into the program and look at it, it says the version is 32bit.

What I suspect happened is that a user might have had Outlook open when I did the uninstall and reinstall. My problem is that Office, especially Outlook is very slow and says "Not Responding" often.

Is there a way to remove any 64bit remnants?
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Fred MarshallConnect With a Mentor PrincipalCommented:
Uninstall all instances of Office and start over.
ded9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can try this fixit

Or use third party tools like revouninstaller or your uninstaller

Reboot after uninstalling the program.

TcAnthonyAuthor Commented:
Did a uninstall and reinstall. No joy.
Actually, what I ended up doing was turning on Caching on each profile. That worked famously.
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