Ms Access Code Error

(Nz(DMin("OdoAtFillDate","tblFuelLog","DriverId="&[DriverId]&"OdoAtFillDate>" & [OdoAtFillDate] & " And VehicleNumber = " & Chr(34) & [VehicleNumber] & Chr(34)),0)-[OdoAtFillDate])

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I have the above code not sure where it is wrong any help please this is in ref to Question

Anyone who can figure out my problem on this question would get point for both questions, there is more information on the question I posted the link for. there is also a sample DB on the above link
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
try this, copy and paste

(Nz(DMin("OdoAtFillDate","tblFuelLog","DriverId= " & [DriverId] & " and OdoAtFillDate>" & [OdoAtFillDate] & " And VehicleNumber = " & Chr(34) & [VehicleNumber] & Chr(34)),0)-[OdoAtFillDate])

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Dale FyeCommented:
I like to take my criteria strings out of the domain functions, at least until they are tested.

Cannot open your stuff on my iPad, but assuming that DriverID is numeric, OdoAtFillDate is a date, and VehicleNumber is alphanumeric, I think this should do it.  Oh, this also assumes that the literal values you are using are fields that belong to the RecordSource of a form and are probably also control names for textboxes on said form.

Dim strCriteria as string
strCriteria = "DriverId= " & me.[DriverId] & " and " _
                  & "[OdoAtFillDate] > #" & me.[OdoAtFillDate] & "# And " _
                  & "[VehicleNumber] = " & Chr(34) & me.[VehicleNumber] & Chr(34)

Something = Nz(DMin("OdoAtFillDate","tblFuelLog",strCriteria),0)-[OdoAtFillDate]

Depending on what OdoAtFillDate is, Something will be a numeric value.  If you want to know the number of days between that min value > odoatfilldate and the value you entered you might want to try the DateDiff function:

DateDiff("d", me.odoatfilldate, Nz(DMin("OdoAtFillDate","tblFuelLog",strCriteria),0))

But if there are no records in your table where [OdoAtFillDate] is greater than the value you entered, then that domain function will return a zero with is equal to 30 Dec 1899, so you might not want that after all.
Blueice13085Author Commented:
Think my problem is not in that code, I am lost now lol here is what I am trying to get done.

I have 3 tables one tblVehicles, tblDrivers, and tblFuelLog

tblVehicles has following fields                

tblDrivers has the following fields

tblFuelLog has the following fields

What I need a Query or code to do is the following

I need it to take the StartOdo from tblVehicles as the base miles to start. Then each time a Driver puts in there OdoAtFillDate and QtyGallons for VehicleNmber I want it to get Miles Driver Drove then MPG per driver per truck

i.e. Data
VehicleID = 1, StartOdo = 10
VehicleID = 2, StartOdo = 10

FuelId=1 VehicleId=1, DriverId=1,  OdoAtFillDate = 30, QtyGallons = 5, PriceAtPump=$20.00
FuelId=2 VehicleId=1, DriverId=2,  OdoAtFillDate = 20, QtyGallons = 5, PriceAtPump=$20.00
FuelId=3 VehicleId=1, DriverId=1,  OdoAtFillDate = 40, QtyGallons = 5, PriceAtPump=$20.00
FuelId=4 VehicleId=1, DriverId=2,  OdoAtFillDate = 50, QtyGallons = 5, PriceAtPump=$20.00
FuelId=5 VehicleId=2, DriverId=1,  OdoAtFillDate = 30, QtyGallons = 5, PriceAtPump=$20.00
FuelId=6 VehicleId=2, DriverId=2,  OdoAtFillDate = 20, QtyGallons = 5, PriceAtPump=$20.00
FuelId=7 VehicleId=2, DriverId=1,  OdoAtFillDate = 40, QtyGallons = 5, PriceAtPump=$20.00
FuelId=8 VehicleId=2, DriverId=2,  OdoAtFillDate = 50, QtyGallons = 5, PriceAtPump=$20.00

What I need Query to show
VehicleId=1, DriverId=1,  totMiles = 20, totGallons = 10, totPrice=$40.00, MPG=2
VehicleId=2, DriverId=1,  totMiles = 20, totGallons = 10, totPrice=$40.00, MPG=2
VehicleId=1, DriverId=2,  totMiles = 20, totGallons = 10, totPrice=$40.00, MPG=2
VehicleId=2, DriverId=2,  totMiles = 20, totGallons = 10, totPrice=$40.00, MPG=2

Hope this makes sense
Blueice13085Author Commented:
OdoAtFillDate is a Number field this is the miles off the Vehicle at the time of fill up, also when the StartOdo is entered into tblVehicles the fuel tank will be full!

Also Type error:

tblFuelData should be tblFuelLog

Sorry for the typo!
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