restoring data from RAIDED hard drives

anyone knows the best way or software to restore data from Raided hard drives?

I have a server that crashed and now after OS was re installed windows can't seem to read data on the other drives that were previously raided.

please advise,

mwaukiSystems EngineerAsked:
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Get a non-RAID controller and hook the drives up to that.  Use a product at called RAID reconstructor.  It will figure out the topology and let you image the array onto another rAID or even different controller or a network file.

Free to try, you have to license the software to recover the data, but you can see the files for free to know it worked.
What level of RAID?

If it is RAID5, dlethe's suggestion is an excellent one.  If RAID1, you should be able to read the drive with a non-RAID controller.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
It is possible to check that you can read RAID from a UBUNTU disc (HOWTO: Recover files from a RAID 1 (mirrored) drive when the ShareSpace has failed.):
The first thing you'll need is an Ubuntu Desktop CD.  You can download it for free, and the Ubuntu website gives instructions and software for burning to a CD or creating a bootable USB drive. These CDs can be used to install Ubuntu or to try Ubuntu directly from the CD and that makes them super useful for data recovery, system testing, and so on.  The download and instructions are available here:
Here is another reference: Reading a single RAID disk in a guest non-RAID PC
My understanding is that the Linux LiveCD distributions (such as Ubuntu, for example) have drivers that can understand the on-disk format of most RAID implementation. If you download it, burn it to a CD and boot from it, you should be able to see the files on your drive so that you can transfer them to another disk.
I have Ubuntu in my dual boot PC and I can read all my network drives (Win7 & 2 Vitsa PCs)...
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Ubuntu has it's place, but you will still need a non-RAID controller.  Futhermore, most controllers have metadata at physical block #0 of the disk, so the *NIX distributions will not see the partition containing data, even if it is a RAID1.

(But in all fairness I've gotten around the metadata by writing shell scripts using the dd command and hd while grepping for the signature of the partitioning block ... but if this isn't enough information for anybody to say, wow, great idea, piece-o-cake, then just use a commercial product such as
mwaukiSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thank you all! I inherited this server from someone who had left the company... I had re installed win2k3sp2.  windows sees all the other drives but when I click on them it says ...format drive ...  but I know this might be raided so that is y I came in here cus I know you guys probly had some hits which u all do as always... I will give it a shot and see  how it goes... thanks again....
I have heard about some data recovery software in case you can try them to restore your data
Have a look at them :

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mwaukiSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
thank you and so sorrry for the delayed...
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