exchange 2013 cert problem

Hi there,

I have an exchange 2013 server.  Every time i connect to outlook it keeps showing a security alert:

We purchased a wildcard SSL Cert and have it installed.

EX.bdf.local is the name of the Exchange server.  Looks like its trying to use the self cert

Anyone any ideas?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
You need to change all of the references in Exchange to use the external host name, and ensure that the external host name resolves internally.

I really must finish the Exchange 2013 version of the article, but my 2010 version explains what needs to be done (the script at the end works on 2013).

in the start menu type 'outlook.exe /rpcdiag' and press enter

check the proxy server and server name fields to your certificate
BSRITAuthor Commented:
hey when i checked that the proxy server i get the following:

looks like the proxy server name is wrong, server name is EX.BDF.LOCAL

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